LeMicah Levert, The Son Of Gerald Levert & Grandson Of Eddie Levert, Joins LFSII

LeMicah and gerald

The Levert Father & Son II Foundation (LFSII) is excited to officially announce that LeMicah Levert has joined our foundation family. LeMicah will be an invaluable asset to the foundation as he contributes to the legacy of his father Gerald, his grandfather, Eddie, and the Levert family and will serve as the foundations Vice President of Business & Marketing. He will bring his experience, knowledge, and special talents to LFSII as we move forward with our mission “to transform society and the world, specifically by providing the means and resources to mentor, empower, and nurture the growth to social maturity of youth raised in fatherless households.”

We look forward to LeMicah using his extraordinary experience to help fathers, sons, and families realize the importance of what it means to have the support of a strong and loving father as well as share with fathers and sons the devastation of losing a father and how it affects lives and life choices. LeMicah will serve as a role model and mentor as he shares his testimony with fatherless sons around the world.

Welcome LeMicah!

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